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Ahdri has an acute ability to put cerebral concepts into words in a way that travels straight through your brain, into your heart, and unlocks a level of freedom you've been pretending you haven't needed. Her personal and professional understanding of the many different forms, and costs, of people pleasing not only leaves you feeling utterly seen, but profoundly able to create a new reality from the one you thought would always be. Don't mistake her whimsy for weakness, this is a woman hell-bent on unleashing your liberation.
- Amanda Ranae



I could not put this book down. And as soon as I finished reading it, I read it again. And maybe one more time after that… 

The Whimsical Rebel: Break People-Pleasing Addiction without Becoming an Asshole is a must-read for anyone needing to learn how to better love and understand themselves. Ahdri Kent offers unparalleled, intuitive, and endearing insights into why we people pleasers do what we do. 

With her raw language, captivating stories, and profound guidance, Kent gives readers someone to relate to and lovingly accepts exactly who they are. It’s okay to want to please others; that makes us special. But we need to learn how not to lose ourselves in the process.

This book made me laugh, cry, gasp, and sigh … It was an emotional ride in the best of ways. Along the way, I gained valuable knowledge that has changed my entire outlook on my life and relationships. Experiencing so many “AH-HA!” moments in this book, I have come to better understand myself and others. Kent has given me the tools I desperately needed but never knew I was missing. 

Nancy Graham-Tillman

Line & Copy Editor | Proofreader 

What we have here folks, is the mythical personal development book that is ACTUALLY as gripping and entertaining to read as it is challenging and healing. That is a rare mix. I hoovered this book in 2 days straight, then circled back to absorb the work, which offers real feet to the ground practices for awareness and authentic transcendence. 


The Whimsical Rebel: Break People-Pleasing Addiction without Becoming an Asshole is such an important book; seriously even the title illustrates the irreverent wit and badly needed real world accessibility contained within. Ahdri Kent wastes no time establishing a shame free environment for readers as she dives immediately into the story of her own reckoning with people pleasing patterns, then lovingly (albeit ultra directly) calls us out on ours, too. 


It’s funny. It’s devastating. It’s confrontational. It’s compassionate. It’s challenging. It’s honest. Most importantly, it’s transformational and entirely unpretentious. For anyone looking to sever adherence to the sabotaging behaviors of self-serving martyrdom while keeping intrinsic empathy in tact, this book is where it’s at. In a genre where we are easily moved by inspiring concepts, but not nearly as often changed, Kent forges a welcoming path to genuine transformation. 


Glenda Strom

Artist Support Consulting & Personal Empathy Coach

This book was a hit upside the head I didn't know I needed. I've been asleep to the concepts that the author illustrates with a refreshing sense of authenticity and casual conversational humor. She takes a very serious issue and presents it as if we were friends chatting over coffee. It made this very palatable. Interesting read! - Kate M.

I freaking love this book! As a success and leadership coach, I see so many people sidelined by their people-pleasing and perfectionist issues. This no-nonsense, outspoken approach is just what so many people need to take the first step towards their own empowerment. I found myself cheering and shouting as if I were at a church revival. If you're stuck in the world of putting everyone above yourself and then hating yourself for it afterward, and you like a direct non-apologetically aggressive (in all the right ways) approach, this book is for you! - Heather Vickery

I met Ahdri about six years ago and I always knew she spoke a language not many understood. The way she is able to take really deep experiences and put them into easy to comprehend words through her experiences has seriously impacted my way of BEING beyond what I could write here. Once I started reading I couldn't stop - I don't think I've finished a book that fast in my entire almost 29 years on this planet. THANK YOU Ahdri for making an impact on my life, for being the voice I really truly needed to hear while making some extremely new, vulnerable, scary AS F, and extremely painful choices. Some of your stories were so real to me, it was almost like I was living my past AND future experiences of what could be.. so again thank you. SO MUCH for being you and for having the courage to do so. You and this book give me hope in an area of my life I had no hope left. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! - Hali S.

Gripping read filled with valuable insight, cheeky stories, and a hard reflection of some serious soul excavating for us pleaser addicts in or out of recovery. Learn to work with your magic but awareness is key. Can’t wait to pick it back up for references, exercises, and to share it with my fellow whimsical rebels!

- Applebooks review

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