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the whimsical rebel
break people pleasing addiction without becoming an asshole 

This debut written work of Ahdri Kent is a potent blend of self-help, behavioral addiction advocacy and fantastically fucked up humor wrapped up in an easy to read collection of her step-by-step recovery methodology and personal stories from her and her past clients' beautiful lives while in the claws of
With an audiobook recorded by her and her piano, Ahdri has created a surreal, emotional and penetrating experience for the personal development junkies of the world. 



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from Publish Your Purpose Press


"The Whimsical Rebel: Break People-Pleasing Addiction without Becoming an Asshole is a must-read for anyone needing to learn how to better love and understand themselves. Ahdri Kent offers unparalleled, intuitive, and endearing insights into why we people pleasers do what we do. 

With her raw language, captivating stories, and profound guidance, Kent gives readers someone to relate to and lovingly accepts exactly who they are. It’s okay to want to please others; that makes us special. But we need to learn how not to lose ourselves in the process.

This book made me laugh, cry, gasp, and sigh … It was an emotional ride in the best of ways. Along the way, I gained valuable knowledge that has changed my entire outlook on my life and relationships. Experiencing so many “AH-HA!” moments in this book, I have come to better understand myself and others. Kent has given me the tools I desperately needed but never knew I was missing." 


Nancy Graham-Tillman

Line & Copy Editor | Proofreader 

hardcover * paperback * ebook
available for order at your local independent bookstores, and barnes & noble!

audiobook w/ music narration
available on 
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