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Ahdri KenT

“Is she an author?”

“Is she a co-dependency expert?”

“Is she a musician/singer/songwriter?”

“Is she a gay?”

"Is she a she?”


Some of these questions are totally valid. But because Ahdri is a sincerely 'open-book' of a human, in this perfectly painstakingly worded third-person narrative, all are totally answerable:

Author? Yes. Ahdri’s Debut written work, slated for release September 2021, is touted (is that not the most fabulously pretentious, self-gratifying word?) as “Bedrock shaking, potent material that influences my daily thoughts.” Jordan Isaacson


A Co-dependency expert? Weirdly enough...yeah. After confronting, creating a methodology to break, and ultimately recovering from her own People Pleasing Addiction, Ahdri chose to pour her personal style of addiction sponsorship & codependency coaching into a book, accessible to everyone. 

Musician/Singer/Songwriter? Yup. Ahdri, once fancying herself a local rockstar in the North Carolina hills, snuck away for a decade...found her truest self in her own absence, wrote an entire album for that dopest self that will in the end be the ultimate soundtrack for her upcoming memoir.


A GAY ? Fuck yeah she is! After 18 years of heteronormative commitments (including a child-marriage) Ahdri came exploding out of the closet as pansexual on Janurary 11 2020 and hasn’t looked back. 

Is she a She? Aww! How progressive of you to ask her pronouns!
Yes, currently Ahdri identifies as She/Her but will absolutely let you and the entire world know if that changes.


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Ahdri guides the rebels of this self sacrificing world break the bullsh*t of their People Pleasing Addiction. With the help of her self paced program and 1:1 support, her clients can find the pure peace and empowerment that comes from putting themselves FIRST...and all with light and LUB and LADY BALLS!

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