Did you order the signed special edition? 


A note from Ahdri:

Nobody wants to be disappointed. I know I don't, especially when that disappointment will create a domino effect and disappoint others. This reality makes the initial disappointment feel leagues worse than it initially would have were I the only victim in it's wake.

*insert people pleasing addiction fear narrative*


So the other night, while tending to the emotional bruises of banging my head against the wall between the limited edition print of my book I had envisioned, the fleet of people disappointing me, the invaluable few trying their best to support my vision and the handful of others simply being drug around by my desire and shrugging their shoulders...I turned to my fiancé, Jordan
and asked,

"What if I didn't have the financial resources to make this edition happen? What if I was as broke as I've been in the past and this limited edition wasn't even a possibility?...What if I'm creating and perpetuating this stress and disappointment simply because I currently can afford to?"

And somewhere between their surprised "well damn, you said that out loud!" and coy "It's almost like...you wrote a book about it..." I saw the obvious.

I had felt a passion pull to create something exclusive and special for you all, and rather than letting that idea shift and morph into something that grew and created excitement and reciprocity...I clung to it's original form and smothered it in the fear that I would let you down if I changed my mind. 

So with that awareness the executive decision was made to stop creating disappointment and create, instead, something that felt wonderful. Something that went back to the root of the desire to offer exclusivity to the diehard Ahdri Fam.

I hope you love it just as much as I love you.


Signed Limited Edition Hardcover
release of 

The Whimsical Rebel : Break People 
Pleasing Addiction Without Becoming an Asshole

has been officially cancelled.

To each beautiful member of the Ahdri Family who purchased and have been so patiently awaiting their copy from Ahdri.com we will be proving the following instead:

~ The general release hardcover, still signed with a very special personalized note from Ahdri.
(unfortunately the estimated shipping delays, with shipping to Ahdri prior to signing and shipping out, will still be mid-October) 

~ A promo code for the Audiobook upon it's release

(a value of $22.95) 

~ A hassle free $25.00 refund

(no hoops to jump through, it will be automatically returned to you in accordance with standard bank transfer wait times)

It's totally ok if you still feel the disappointment and would rather a full refund and none of the

offerings of substitution. 

Your feels are completely valid.

Simply email us at Inquiry@ahdri.com
and request to initiate your full refund.

***Shipping update: 
copies have arrived to be signed and will be shipped out 10/28/21, shipping confirmations to follow*** 

Ahdri guides the rebels of this self sacrificing world break the bullsh*t of their People Pleasing Addiction. With the help of her self paced program and 1:1 support, her clients can find the pure peace and empowerment that comes from putting themselves FIRST...and all with light and LUB and LADY BALLS!