Society would have us believe that a co-dependent Mother's toxic love is incapable of piercing the skin of little boys. Or that a grown man is immune to the echoism induced by a narcissistic partner. Or that the emotional abuse of other men doesn't have the power to pierce the male psyche. 

       Whether we can agree the above statements are laced with generational gender-bias...it doesn't change these current fucked facts: 

Men don't get to complain about feeling unappreciated.

Men are shamed for seeking empowerment.
Men aren't allowed to recognize the ways in which they buy love with money, service, and their own energy.

Men aren't even taught to acknowledge energy as their own, let alone how to nurture it.


Society would like to keep Men locked in scarcity. Keeping them tethered to the spiral of latching onto shitty relationships because "who else would put up with me?", burning out at lackluster jobs because "who would love or like someone who isn't successful?", and sinking into isolation because Men are taught to not bother others with their problems...especially other Men. 

As a matter of fact...it's waaaaay more likely for a man to come forward to his friends and/or loved ones with a Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction, or Substance Abuse before ever recognizing, let alone coming forward with, an addiction to exhausting themselves physically and emotionally for the manufactured approval, love and affection of others. 

It seems like such a pussified move, right? 

Admitting that the company of women, or the friendship of other like minded males, or the respect of your superiors, or the approval of your parents is an all-consuming source of dopamine for you. 

Your drug.
And twice as pussified...that in a heartbeat you would overextend, betray, abandon and exhaust yourself just to get a hit. 

And it's directly due to that pussification of the image of"People Pleasing" that Men can't find support in their recovery. 

Until now. 

HI! I'm Ahdri! And I'm invested soul-deep in the reclamation of the modern man. A man who can stand tall, own every single powerful aspect of his strength without fear of censorship or shaming. A man who can live fully in a state of abundance.


Whether his PPA is effecting him in the workplace, interpersonal relationships or solely in his romantic life...the reclamation of the modern man and his enriched sense of self, pride, confidence and masculinity. 

How could a Woman possibly help you?

I'm not offended! It's an understandable question. One I could easily combat with "you wouldn't care whether your AA sponsor was male or female would you?" but instead I think you should check out my client, Frank's experience in his own words...




"I'm not one for traditional self help. I've always shyed away from the books and speakers who seemed to only tell you what you want to hear- not what you NEED to hear.


So I'll admit, I was a bit apprehensive of contacting Ahdri- I knew I needed help, but I wanted actual advice. I didn't need a fan club to tell me I was some wonderful snowflake- I needed guidance on what to do when I found my life falling apart.


Ahdri was exactly what I needed- completely unlike what I expected, in the best way possible. She's not here to offer hollow feel-good affirmations. You won't find her advice on the motivational poster in your work break room.


What you will find, however, is someone who is skilled at listening, understanding, and ultimately transforming the behaviors and habits that keep you from realizing the actualization of the person you know you truly can be.


Years- hell, decades- of my life were spent in the service of people who ultimately took much more than they gave back. It became a nightmare of insecurities and anxiety. Ahdri's guidance was the spark point that woke me from that destructive delusion- the thought that my self worth was based on the opinion of others.


She helped me learn what it truly means to be a modern man- confident, self-assured, desirable- the master of my own fate. Without her assistance, I'd be a pale shadow of the person I am today."

...there's a special discomfort that comes with feeling an internal navigation tug (I like to call them passion pulls). If what you've read here today makes you uncomfortable, check in with yourself and see if the next move for you is to book a free Modern Man's Recovery Consultation Call. No pressure, No weirdness, No fuckery...just answers...and a path to the new, rediscovered, powerful YOU.