Ladyballs roadmap call 

 With 90 minutes of space
We can dive deep into vision work, energy, introspection and emotional exploration to find out what you WANT, what needs to CHANGE, and the best way for YOU to get there!No pressure, no weirdness.

IF People Pleasing Addiction IS whats fucking everything up for you, I can help you, and I'll invite you into my program or maybe even my
Exclusive 1:1 Support Services 
and together we can determine if ultimately it's the best choice for you!

If it turns out PPA isn't what's causing your particular shitstorm, we'll work to figure out what IS and you'll still walk away with a roadmap to what you want and how to get there!
Whether you want to find out what 1:1 Emotional Support with me could look like for YOU, what my People Pleasers Autonomous Master Program consists of, or you just want to know more about this addiction and how its affecting you and everyone you love...this call is where you'll start!

90minutes of your time & mine are VALUABLE AF
and spaces are limited
So APPLY for your free LadyBalls session today! 



What's been the shift that's made you put your foot down? Why are you READY for a change? ...

This is so exciting! 
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