How To

Break Free From

People Pleasing Addiction

Without Letting Anyone Down!

Hey, Love!
Do you ever feel like you're constantly going above and beyond for everyone else but feel like they never come through for you? At least never at the level of epicness they've come to expect from YOU?

Yuuup! I get it, and I can help! 

One of the biggest problems in the world today is people giving their power away. When you've been raised and conditioned to believe it's your sacrifice what your truly show up for others before you show up for yourself...then yeah dude, it's easy to keep lying to yourself.

And when you give your power away your happiness and satisfaction becomes dependent on someone else and you become less and less important in your own mind. 

This leads to a downward spiral of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and unworthiness. 
And you can ask any psychologist where that spiral ends. 

So, if you're interested (which duh! you should be because YOU DESERVE BETTER!) I'm going to show you how to reclaim your self-worth so you can STOP giving your power away and start to truly LIVE again...instead of staggering around like an exhausted zombie trying to force everyone else to be happy.

Sound Good?

OH, and also, you're going to realize you can do all this AND STILL make everyone who truly loves you happy. Because they will be so inspired, so thrilled and so overjoyed at your newfound grace, confidence...and let’s  be real...BALLS , that it will ignite the fires of self-development in their soul too.

(Legit, the highest service you can possibly provide another human being!) 

So, who the F@CK am I and how was I gifted with these magical keys to your freedom?


Hi, I'm Ahdri

For DECADES I sold out my soul for the approval, acceptance and affection of others.

Stop me if you've LIVED this one before...

My family was THE family that always showed up. Whenever anyone in the community had any kind of emergency or tragedy or NEED, there we'd be...casseroles, cleaning supplies, money and the determination to fix their emotional process in hand. 

Everyone knew they could call on us, and like a Kent woman Bat-Signal, we'd be there. 

So I grew up learning to always show up for everyone else. I learned that "selfless service" was how we approached the world. That it was noble and honorable to "share the load" for everyone else, all the while the debilitating need to be liked and loved thinly veiled as loyalty and helpfullness.

But after my 16th all blew up. 

My Dad died. 

Suddenly, all my family's repressed bullshit bubbled up to the surface. Years of emotional neglect, lack of self-care and REALNESS came up. 'Cause grief ain't got time for the SMALL sh!t...only the RAW, REAL sh!t.

It Was An Emotional Apocalypse 

Did you know the word "apocalypse" actually means "un-veiling"?

And that's exactly what happened. 

See, my dad had a lot of unresolved, neglected, buried down deep issues. He had shoved it all down so he could show up for everyone else. Blind to the devastation and total abandonment he would eventually cause for them, for US. 

Auto-erotic Asphyxiation. Those words meant as much as "accidental suicide" to a 16 year old girl. He had been our "fearless leader". And the sudden shattering of it all was a trauma I didn't know how to process, and I would internalize it and the warped lessons it continued to teach me for over a decade more. 

In a singular moment, he and his entire identity were gone.

And the unsaid message "If you trust your will die" was seared deep into the tissue of my heart. 

It would be another 16 years before I would break that subconscious belief and absorb the true message that who we TRY to be isn't what we leave the wake of destruction all that's left is the pain and the wondering: "If only they had made their mental health, intimacy, sex and ego a priority" 

In the meantime, almost overnight, all our emotional turmoil and dysfunctions came up FAST. 

It was a crazy 180 from this idyllic, fairy-tale childhood to suddenly realizing our family dynamic was actually incredibly toxic.

So I did the only thing I knew how to do with the trauma I was holding at the time...

...I leaned in even HARDER to forcing love on others, and care-giving.

I immediately went out and found someone to take care of. 

I got married. 

At 16. 

And spent the next 7 years working jobs I had no interest in, going to culinary school to "support" my husband, and generally playing out all sorts of self-sacrificing martyr programs. 

That's right! I went to college for a degree I had NO interest in to "support" someone else. 

Looking at it now, I can see how insane it sounds...but when you're inside the bubble of People Pleasing Addiction, it seems like the only option. 

So, whether you see these patterns in yourself right now, or you're still not sure if this is for you, really focus on how this makes you FEEL. 

Do you have a sinking feeling in your gut? 

Do you here the inner you, held captive, going "oh shit..." ?

Is your FEAR already trying to sabotage your emotional growth by whispering in your ear, "Who will love us if we change?" 

Or maybe you feel something is just OFF in your world, but it's hard to put a finger on it, because you're doing everything "right" but you're still so tired...and so unhappy. 

Whatever you're feeling right's OKAY! 

The hardest step is acknowledging...admitting even, that you want change. 
It's hard, but worth it! Because life becomes a million times more magical and exciting once you break free from this addiction! 


I Know Because I Did It

I began "waking up" to the inauthentic life I had been living...I looked into my future and saw where I would be if I didn't change...

And it chilled me to the bone. 

I didn't want to live my whole life trying to make other people happy! 

I realized I would NEVER be happy until I made it out of that programming.

AND I realized that it was NOT my burden...
NOT my cross to bear...

Like a Cosmic "DUH!" I realized I was adopting everyone else's problems as if they were my own, trying to solve them for others, instead of solving my own biggest problem...self worth, self acceptence, self love.

I had to grow up, and admit that I wasn't being authentic or real with myself. 

I had to stop lying to myself. 

I had to stop allowing myself to be invisible. 

And when I did, I made an important realization...

I Deserved Better 

As soon as I admitted that to myself, things began to change.

The biggest work I had to do was psychological, around my unconscious program. 

Honestly, it was the hardest thing I've ever done. (And I've run a full marathon with a ruptured bursa and a fractured foot)

At first it felt like the most selfish thing in the world. I had to go against EVERYTHING I had been told about myself, and what I SHOULD do. 

Throwing away years of ideology and conditioning doesn't happen overnight.

The worst part was, I couldn't get the thing I needed 

Because my friends and family didn't want to help me out of this addiction. 
ANY OTHER ADDICTION, people will bend over backwards to help. 

But People Pleasing?

Nope. No way. 


Because when you suffer from PPA, the people you care about most are the ones directly benefiting from it!

Before you freak out, don't worry! You're not surrounded by evil-doers waiting with cloven hoofies to take advantage of your selflessness and hold you captive in your toxic cycle of addiction.... it's simply because their own unconscious conditioning will keep them from showing up with the true support and guidance you need. 

It was a tough pill to swallow, but I had to realize that no-one else was going to do it for me. 
No matter how much they loved me. 
Because no matter how much...they could never love me as much as I could eventually love myself. 

And you know what?

I'm incredibly grateful for all the resistance, both from myself and from those around me. 

Because it gave me insight into just how hard it can be to break free from this addiction. 
And now I'm able to show up and share my methods, tools, techniques and tips with others who are in the thick of it, and need a way OUT. 

Once I had made these shifts in my perspectives, emotions and ultimately my was like a light bulb came on for everyone else. They saw me happier, freer, more confident in my self worth than ever before. They saw me using my real, authentic voice, and genuinely loving life like a CHILD again...and in some cases, for the first time ever. 

And the FEELS were so contagious, you know what they did?


They Begged Me To Teach Them

It took a bit of convincing. I was focused on helping women with body issues.

But kicking People Pleasing Addiction's ass? 

Could I actually teach a course on that? Do people actually want to learn about that?
Were there really THAT MANY others out there who were suffering as much as I had?

Well I did, they do, and there ARE! 

First I ran the course as a test, working one-on-one with me, and then expanding out into group programs. 

I had to make sure it worked %100 before rolling it out, that it really was applicable and customizeable to every type of People Pleaser out there. 

Now, I'm officially ready to offer it to the world 


The People Pleasers Autonomous   Master Program

This is the first course EVER released to tackle and conquer this addiction. 

It's the result of years of studying, testing methods, my own therapy, events, experts, you name it and I've probably been through it to absorb what would help YOU best!


Because I care.

And because I need to KNOW it works.

I don't want to be some dime-a-dozen McCoach, regurgitating half baked theories from infomercials...BLARF! thanks!

I cut the fat away. Dug deep into my own psychology, and worked with dozens of others to isolate the REAL issues. 

The deep-rooted icky sticky, unconventional stuff that no-one likes to talk about. 

Then I created the methodology to blast those old beliefs right out of your system in the fastest, most effective and reliable way possible. 

So...what exactly is in this powerful transformational program?

To start, it's a radical shift in your priorities and beliefs. So, if you choose to go on this journey with me now I am going to give you absolute clarity and truth. 

I have NO hidden agenda. 

I don't care if you like me, I CARE about your addiction recovery.

I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to teach you to be YOUR OWN friend.

So bring your big girl panties, big boy britches or non-binary undies and get ready to experience a whole new world of behavioral addiction recovery and support...



Here's a preview of what you can expect in my course

 •The hidden saboteur of your emotional progress (and how to "wash it out" of your system) 

•Mouse, Phoenix, or Pitbull - which one are you? How to identify and WHY you need to know your unique disposition to determine which strategies to use for YOUR healing.

•The "A&F Meditation" which will empower you to keep your clarity and clear away "reality-fog" immediately

•The "Magic Button" you can push whenever you feel the need to start over (YES this does exist and it's surprisingly easy and effective) 

•How to avoid self-induced spirals of shame and abandonment.

•How to escape the incurable "thought cancer" which zaps your energy and crushes your spirit.

•The crucial "positive+" or "negative-" energetic decisions you have to make (this will change how you look at all interactions within your relationships)

•How you might be subtly talking down to your partner (and friends)

•How to stop coaching, lecturing and teaching so you can start having REAL conversations.

•Why you SHOULD be reactionary (this is key to authentic  emotional expression and WILL improve all your a LOT)

•The mystical manifesting power of a "Nightmare List" 

•How to clear the emotional fog which hijacks and weaponizes your empathy to feed your fear and self sabotage 

•How to break the illusion of control with a simple yellow legal pad

•The "dominant stance" mindset trap which sneakily sacrifices ease and grace for negative energy cycles

•How to reprogram anxiety to be your ally rather than your enemy

•How to harness the gift of your Empathy rather than the curse

•Why "Passion Pulls" will realign your energy with the direction of JOY, ABUNDANCE and LOVE (the REAL stuff, not the new-age shelf-help fake-it-till-you-make-it stuff)

•The one, unavoidable thing you must evaluate to reclaim your energy and empowerment (it can be uncomfortable, but you HAVE to do this) 

•How to develop stronger relationships through conflict

•How to strengthen your relationship with yourself, and begin to re-build a connection to your true core essence

I've taken all these processes and created a 6-module course, complete with a members only area, video instructions, guided meditations, workbooks and personal support. 

I do want to stress that the course is only going to work if you're committed. 
(I know, super duh right? But you'd be surprised how many "magic pill" seekers there are out there!) 

And once you make the decision that YOU ARE COMMITTED, you'll notice it starting to work, immediately. That's that magic we talked about!

You'll feel more energized...

You'll feel more aligned...

You'll feel more powerful...

You'll feel excited about life again...

You'll realize how much more people appreciate you when you truly take a stand for your real self. 

I promise. 

No-one will love you any less. 

They will love you more, once you work through the uncomfortable parts of reclaiming your value. 

So how much is YOUR PPA Recovery gonna cost?
Check out the prices below!

We're sorry! The PPA MASTER PROGRAM is not currently enrolling, email us to find out when our next round begins!
Available NOW are the following: 

You can opt for more traditional therapeutic one-on-one recovery sessions. Where during a 1hr private phonecall I will implement my PPA Method as well as Energy Mastery technique for a uniquely empowering recovery experience (As featured on The Whimsical Rebel Podcast  )

at the exclusive price of $222 per 1hr session. 

Now it's time to make a decision for what you want. It's time to choose how YOU want to reclaim your life, command your self-worth and dive into your new world headfirst.